What Happens to Your Home After a Fire?

After a house fire, your home will need professional fire damage restoration. Direct damage from the fire must be repaired. Additionally heat, soot, and smoke damage your home and possessions after the fire has been extinguished. Contact your home insurance provider, and start a claim. Depending on coverage, your insurance may be able to replace […]

How to Prepare for a House Fire: 9 Tips

house fire

How to prepare for a house fire? It’s simple, and important. Simply put, house fires cause devastation. A Fire Department responds to a structure fire every 24 seconds in the United States. We’re here to help. House fires can happen any time of the day, caused by a multitude of possibilities. However, there are ways […]

Mold Remediation: Is it Safe to Do-it-Yourself?

You may be faced with mold growing in the damp and dark areas of your home like an attic, basement, or bathroom. Mold is a sure sign of water damage that has been left unnoticed or untreated. You might want to bypass the service call and the fees that come along with seeking a restoration […]