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CNY Fire Restoration Experts

You’ve worked so hard on your home. Watching it go up in flames and smoke due to a fire leaves you wondering where and who to turn to.

Our Central New York Fire Restoration crew is trained to be empathetic to your situation. Because of this, we make the process from start to finish as easy as possible.

We are committed to taking care of the job right away:

  • All steps, no matter the size, never get skipped.
  • All fire damage, no matter how minor, never gets overlooked.
  • Our Certified Technicians want to get you back into your home quickly.

When the restoration process is complete, your home will be restored to pre-loss condition. Here at TMC Restoration we cannot wait to hand you back your keys!

Give us a call at 315-913-3100 to speak with one of our TMC Professionals about fire restoration services in all of Central New York and surrounding areas. 

Smoke & Soot Cleanup

Smoke and soot can quickly corrode even hard surfaces, because of this, electronics are typically replaced wherever soot and smoke have permeated. Here at TMC Restoration, we use equipment and products made especially for:

  • Smoke & soot cleanup
  • Odor Removal
  • Safety & Protection

Cleaning & Sanitation

Smoke travels fast and typically wherever there is an open door, smoke is likely to travel.

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors will need a complete wash.
  • Furniture & decorations will have to be cleaned.
  • TMC Restoration will make sure it’s done right the first time.


By using special ozone cleaners, air scubbers and commercial grade air freshening machines, we can and will purify the air within the home.

  • We make sure that the home is 100% ready to move back into.
  • Our team ensures it’s completely smoke & soot remediated.

Carpet & Pad Removal

Firefighting efforts usually leave behind a wet, soggy mess, and your carpets and the pads underneath will likely need to be removed as part of the water damage restoration that normally goes hand in hand with fire damage. 

If Experiencing a House Fire:

  • Do not run inside the building: Running back in after valuables and/or family pets may be a first impulse but it is important to stay away and let your local Fire Department handle the situation until the Fire Department has declared whether the building safe to enter.
  • Find a place to stay: You will need to think about where you will stay and how many people and pets you need to provide a place for. TMC Restoration can help you to find a local hotel if necessary for the night until other arraignments are made.
  • Contact the police station:  If police are not already on scene, let them know that you are vacating your property to minimize the chances of looters or squatters showing up. Hiring a restoration company, such as TMC Restoration, in order to secure your property/contents inside the house is necessary and crucial at this point. The restoration company will start the fire damage process first by boarding any windows, roof holes and doors in order to minimize any further damage by either rain/storm or looters. 
  • Call your utility provider:  Depending on the size and location of the fire within your home, the Fire Department may call the local utility provider and have power lines cut, electrical boxes taken (or tagged) and have all gas to the home shut off. If the utility company has done this, you will need to call them immediately after the fire to start the process of reinstating power or instating temporary power in order for fire damage to start getting remediated immediately.
  • Contact your insurance provider: You want to begin communicating with your insurance about the situation so that they can begin processing your claim. Once your claim has been filed, your insurance company will direct you to either an internal or independent insurance adjuster.
  • Take photographs of the building and fire damage: Try to document what you can, remembering to stay away from the building until the Fire Department declares it safe. Once/if deemed safe, snap pictures of the outside and in necessary any damaged possessions inside. The more documentation the easier the claim and theoretically the less time it should take. 
  • Start replacing essential documents: Begin the process of replacing your driver’s license, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. If allowed, find any receipts you may have of purchased items that are damaged such as clothing, furniture and electronics. The more receipts you can provide to your insurance company, the easier it is for them to document what you are owed for replacing such items.
  • Get a copy of the Fire Report: The Fire Department will be able to provide you with either the official information about the incident or a source where you can acquire it. Always try to get the Officer in Command’s business card or phone number so that you and in the insurance can reach out if necessary.
  • Contact a fire restoration company: To begin the process of cleaning up your property, a fire damage restoration company will be able to give you all the advice and resources you need.


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