What Happens to Your Home After a Fire?

After a house fire, your home will need professional fire damage restoration. Direct damage from the fire must be repaired. Additionally heat, soot, and smoke damage your home and possessions after the fire has been extinguished. Contact your home insurance provider, and start a claim. Depending on coverage, your insurance may be able to replace your belongings and also may provide you with living expenses and other daily living expenses.

Insurance companies require your home to undergo a “post-disaster board up” immediately after the smoke settles. A post-disaster board up prevents further damages caused from the environment, burglary, or animals by covering all entry areas with wooden boards and tarps. Most restoration companies provide board ups, including TMC Restoration. 

Further, restoration companies such as TMC Restoration perform selective demolition, removing materials that are unable to be restored. Restoration companies also remove, clean, and store salvageable contents from your home, including heirlooms and clothing. Items are returned when the property is restored and you are ready to move back in. TMC Restoration also cleans soot and smoke damage from the ceilings and walls, preparing for reconstruction. 

One thing to keep in mind is, with fire damage comes water damage. There are various components to fire damage, you should trust the professionals at TMC Restoration to clean and restore your property.


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